Onsite Dental Lab

Each one of our locations has their own onsite denture/partial lab. This enables us to make custom made dentures and partials.  We can also offer same day denture/partial relines and repairs. 

Same Day!

Relines and Repairs

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$195.00 Reline

Come in the morning and get your reline back that afternoon!


At Pinebrook Dental Center, ALL, of our dentures are custom made just for you. Our doctors take their time to design the dentures for your specific needs. We always do what we call, a “try in” appointment. At this appointment the denture is set up in wax and you will get to see how your denture will look before it is finished. This way if there are any changes you want we are able to complete them. Whether you want a different shade for your teeth or a different shape, we can make it happen! Our lab technicians are all on site so he and the doctor can make sure you are happy with your new denture.  


Just like with our dentures, all of our partials are custom made just for you! Partials are an affordable way to replace missing teeth. At Pinebrook Dental Center we want to make sure you are happy with your partial. We go the extra step to have a “try in” appointment so you can see what your partial will look like before it is finished. This allows you to make any changes you want to the partial and ensures you like the look of the partial. Our onsite lab technicians work with our doctors to make sure you are happy with your smile! 

Relines & Repairs

SAME DAY relines and repairs are available at all of our locations. We know that when your partial or denture breaks it is a scary thought that you may have to leave your denture or partial to be repaired for an extended time… that is why Pinebrook Dental Center has an onsite lab at our location. Come in the morning and get your denture/partial reline or repair back that same afternoon.